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SPTE was established as an initiative of the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Society as the third educational institution run by the Society.

The building dates back to the year 1869 and was designed for the Evangelic Gymnasium which was located in a very cramped building in the neighborhood of Plac Kościelny (Church Square).

In the same year many disadvantageous laws for Lutheran schools were introduced. The ministry overtook the building for their own purposes without the consent of the congregation and the gymnasium classes were gradually closed. Only after a new building had been built, the house was returned to the Society.

In the period between the 1st and the 2nd World War there existed primary school and kindergarten in the building, and from 1950 to 2005 it was the premise of the Technical High School.

The main goal of the institution is to implant in its students the principles of Christian ethics and Protestant work ethos. This idea is coherent with the policy of the other educational institutions run by the Lutheran Society.

At present there are 334 students attending the school, 42% of whom are of Lutheran denomination. There are 47 teachers employed in the school, 42,5% Lutherans.

What makes the school different from the public schools?

  • we offer English lessons in groups and conversation classes which start in the 4th grade;
  • students start learning German language in groups in the 4th grade;
  • once a week there is “A Meeting with the Bible” club where students can sing and pray;
  • the school year begins with an inauguration sermon for all students in the Jesus’ Church, students participate in a sermon on the Reformation Day as well;
  • we organize charity concerts;
  • we offer numerous extracurricular classes (art, theatre, music, choir, dance, social science, English, German, computer technology, sport and swimming);
  • we offer special compensation classes for students who have reading and writing difficulties;
  • we offer special compensation classes for students who have mathematics problems;
  • there are extracurricular classes for students talented at science and mathematics;
  • school’s educational offer is broad due to its participation in various EU programs;
  • we realize the DSD program (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) within which we extend the number of German classes. The program ends with an exam, students receive a certificate testifying that they have acquired the written and spoken knowledge of German at B1 level;
  • the leisure time infrastructure includes two after-school clubs and one playroom, we also spend time in the playground outside our school, if the weather allows.


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